DigitaltMuseum - Mönsterritning och garnrester

DigitaltMuseum - handmade pattern drawing for the pattern Blue skimmer, neckband, by Anna-Lisa Mannheimer-Lunn, Bohus Knitting Eight different shades of blue, gray and green in eja and angora yarn.

The challenge in Bohus knitting is that this intricate colorwork is knitted in a small gauge, requiring knitters to balance small needles while also dropping and picking up different colored strands of yarn — sometimes four or five colors in the same row.

Beautiful Bohus Knitting: Stranded Color Knitting Patterns To Try

"Green Wood" jumper. Foto S. Gustafsson

Bohus Green Wood at solsilke. I think this yarn has angora in it (at least the us version does). This makes the colors blend along with the purl stitches.

Blått Ljus jumper/kofta - Bohus Stickning, Blue Light

Designer: Kerstin Olsson Kits for "Blått Ljus" - The Blue Light, "Rött Ljus" - The Red Light and "Turkos Ljus" - Turquoise Light are availab.

Bohusläns museum

Bohusläns museum