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4 Jump Course! Rowan we can so rock this course!

4 Jump Course with good questions for a small arena

.Only got 4 poles/jumps? No worries, try these exercises out at home. You don't need to always jump big to train for the questions that course designers ask at shows. By Lloyd Equestrian

Jumping exercises to improve horse and rider. This picture was found by

Jumping exercise guide

Jump/Cavaletti Exercises and Distances

jump exercise

JumpSharp ~ 10 riding exercses to improve your riding skills. Equestrian Jumping Exercises for iPhone & iPad.

jump exercises

more 4 jumps exercises

Gymnastics that are beneficial for both horse and rider.

Exercise - i like adding in the phase's and i like the build from controlled trot to gradual release and stretch at the oxer. Do nothing but balance the horse. I'd also like to see this done in reverse order. from stretch, to coming back into control a

Jumping exercises to improve horse and rider.

more 4 jumps exercises

jump exercises

more 4 jumps exercises

Turning exercises for the jumper and hunter

I like this just as poles on the ground! Spiral Jumping Exercise - would also be good for contesting/trail horses as just simple cavaletti.

Lego Cake Pops & Marshmallow Pops by Amy Locurto at #Lego #recipe #party

How to make DIY Lego Cake Pops and Lego Marshmallow Pops. Easy Recipe idea for a LEGO Birthday Party. Kids will love these edible minifigures.