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Igelkott vid skogstjärn

Image of a very young hedgehog made at the edge of a pond, drinking water. The reflections and nice warm atmosphere of the colours is what attracts me in this image.--- It is not a ''a hedgehog,'' it is Jawn.

How To Make Sourdough Bread — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

For many of us home bakers, making a good loaf of sourdough bread feels like striving for the World Cup or an Olympic gold medal

Photograph from Food For Thought by Laura Edwards reproduced with Kind permission from Kyle Books.

A Basic Sourdough Recipe from sourdough specialist Vanessa Kimbell using a sourdough starter. Step by step instructions on how to make sourdough bread (Easy Baking Treats)

Otter Watercolor Girls Side Tattoo

Cute swimming otter on girl's side, done with pink and orange watercolor splashes.