Lina Matskevich

Lina Matskevich

Lina Matskevich
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Jumin - MC - Taemin 2/2

MC: Stop teasing him or I’ll smack you Taemin thinks his dad’s gift for MC is better than the one he made ((he doesn’t know that Jumin actually wrote “From Taemin” on the bouquet tag hhahhaha.


MC:“look over here Seven!” Trying to get the bad ending with route but couldn’t bring myself to be mean to him…. ended up getting good ending again lmao…I should just give up this is the third time x_x

Jumin Han

Hey guys Ik that I just save everything but can u Just count them as my own pins cause everything I save is what I would post ya know, it's not like I'm stealing their pics but yeah. I hope u guys understand what I mean by that heh 😄