White bedroom with light grey & pink accents. Se det här fotot av @inredningsdesign på Instagram • 662 gilla-markeringar

Bed is chanting my name tonight. Chet is cutting all four back molars and that results in a very tired household. Plus we had to say goodbye to daddy this morning and drive him to the airport at crazy-o-clock Also congratulations to Eve and the


Headboard in leather, with belt loops attached to the wall. Stylish solution with grey bedding & with a contrasting dark wall colour. Nice with the hanging bedside table lamp & simple styl…


HÄUSER-AWARD 2015: Die 20 Finalisten: Einzelbaudenkmal Lederergasse 2, innen

Vårpiffa hemmet med några enkla budgetknep. De här Ikeahacksen är så simpla att vem som helst kan fixa dem – och de är dessutom riktigt snygga.

Vårens 7 finaste Ikeahacks – så enkelt fixar du dem

10 Dark bedroom walls - via cocolapinedesign.com

10 Dark bedroom walls

The bedroom wall is painted in a warm dark grey, which makes the room look very peaceful and relaxing. In the living room and kitchen you can find … Continue reading →

We dare you to do something really bold: paint an entire room black.

Exquisite Black Rooms that Create Cozy Drama

6 smarta billiga sängbord för litet sovrum

6 smarta billiga sängbord för litet sovrum

Pude Sengegavl

DIY Fredag: Sengegavl af pude