These card games offer the perfect quick connection activity with my kids. One of my goals recently is to have a couple ten minute “Special Times” (one-on-one time) with each of my kids each day. You might think ten minutes one-on-one is short and would happen every day naturally, but it doesn’t seem to happen […]

Favorite Family Card Games for Kids

Top 5 Card Games For Kids; 5 card games that are great for ten minutes of fun with your kids

Niin me tehtiin sohva… (via )

Niin me tehtiin sohva… (Valkoinen Harmaja - Meillä Kotona)

This has a very DIY-friendly privacy screen idea. Plant a beautiful semi-evergreen climber at the base (Lady Banks Rose or jasmine), either in a pot or in the ground, and you have a a patio garden sanctuary.

Make your own portable Barbeque

The Perfect Barbeque

DIY Backyard Barbeque Unit Plans, This link connects you to an amazing DIY pay that has so many ideas

Wood frame with wires. Could use this to extend height of wall

A living fence in Charleston. "Create a living privacy fence. Cable wires mounted between fence posts create a sturdy support for climbing plants. Over time the plants can completely fill in the area, providing privacy for the patio.


En spännande marksten i 7 olika storlekar som levereras färdigblandad på pall.