Biologi. Fjärilens livscykel visad kreativt med pasta. Butterfly Life Cycle Activities | Mama Miss

Butterfly Life Cycle Activity

I love the idea of using pasta shapes to illustrate life cycle. Must use with marshmallow life cycle idea to get kids to remember the stages.


Creative Nature Display: turning the leaves into people or animals . this design would also be a cool way to display a collection from a nature walk. Interesting stick frame and the cards hanging down. Project appropriate for Apologia Botany.

Podobny obraz

Podobny obraz

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Preschool Activities - Weather Tracking

Juvenile human skeleton standing 43" tall

Printable Child-Size Skeleton

Here's a way to make education fun for kids. Print out an life-size skeleton on your standard size paper.

Ladybug - lifecycle craft

Science: Ladybug Life Cycle -- need to find exact link -- this only goes to main pageee