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As someone who has worked years in customer service, every establishment needs a sign like this. And if you argue about it, the fee doubles! I NEED this at my work!

Save energy.

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the police. - (every breath you take)(lyrics)(nsa)(surveillance)(cctv)

This restaurant must serve Chuck Norris //

I think the handwriting or font used for 'Soup of the Day' and "The tears of our enemies' both work really well. The soup font is flowy and has good depth while the tears font is just very blunt and more harsh. Together, they are fantastic.

Alcohol is not the answer...

funny quote about alcohol. black and white chalkboard, "Alcohol IS NOT the answer, it just makes you FORGET the question.


Golden Bondage


Such an interesting fetish!

25 Futuristic Robot Designs by Franz Steiner - Relationship with Human