Lisa Lindmark

Lisa Lindmark

Lisa Lindmark
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Recycled bag crochet globe. How cool is that?

Artist Julie Kornblum’s globe covered in plastic – that is, crocheted plarn (yarn made from plastic bags) – definitely makes a colorful statement about “plastic covering the Earth.

Love this hide! Geocaching tip #37: Read the Description — Mechalumpus (GC1W1ZD) — Geocache of the Week – The Geocaching Blog

For many geocaches, the hard part is finding the actual container. Most of us have seen geocaches that are hollowed-out bolts, some that look like rocks or plants, and some that are so tiny, you ne…

Use the provided tools and the holes in the tube to work the container up to where you can grab it and get the log

A trail marker? No, a hidden geocache! Just be careful how you attach it; remember the hiding guidelines regarding not causing damage to surroundings.