Äntligen  har vi värme här igen & krattning pågår i trädgården Jag släcker törsten med vatten innehållande gurka, mynta & lime. Jag hittade riktigt fin äppelmynt


Bathroom Details: Moroccan oil bottle and natural sponge - I wish my home were this well styled.

7 inredningsmissar du gör i ett litet rum - Sköna hem

7 inredningsmissar du gör i ett litet rum

Over the door storage for a small Bath with limited space and no linen closet. To maximize space in the bath add a shelf over the door to store extras like toilet paper and extra towels. What a difference such a small change can make!

Only Deco Love: Simple small bathroom scandinavian inspiration

When it comes to bathrooms one thing is sure , we vastly underestimate how much work goes into them. For example, when thinking of a bed.

http://inredningsvis.se/forvaring-och-besparing/  How to make a small bathroom look WAY bigger with the right details! CLICK LINK TO READ BLOG POST

Cute bathroom modern bathroom design Small bathroom organization and storage love this bathroom!