by Lisa Orth

negative space in sky makes a moon. contrast of the filled evergreen trees, and the graceful flowing lines at the bottom. (Linework Engraving Etching Tattoo by Lisa Orth

by Karolina Bebop

A whale wears geometric patterns in this black ink nature tattoo by Karolina Bebop Like the pattern not the whale.

tattoos argentina geometric tribal blackwork hand tattoo tatuagem blackwork tattoo tatuagens Tatuajes buenos aires finger tattoo nazareno tubaro line tattoo tattrx neotribal

sleeve 2

Minneapolis skyline and reflecting forest tattoo by Brandon Holt at Uptown Tattoo. ~ If I ever move to the city, I'd like this to remind me of the forest

Golden mean spiral.Tattoo by Matt Matik from 2Spirit tattoo shop

This tattoo shows the Golden spiral concept. mean spiral.Tattoo by Matt Matik from tattoo shop.I never thought about this as a tattoo idear, but now that I see it I LOVE it!


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