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What a stunning entry hall. The staircase is oh so grand, the wainscoting is beautiful, the black and white checkered floor is classic and I love the touches of warm wood. A very nice place to come home to.


The entryway features the original marble floor and a new slim radiator from Governale. Double doors, think about tiles for the floor. this is lovely, and a fake second door can make a tiny entry look like a historical architectural detail.

lovelylife.se Hemma hos Johanna Bradford förstalångg6a-CF108613

I'm la la loving wallpapered doorwarys, crostini, braids and barrettes, prioritizing what is important, collections and bell jars.

At home with Aiayu | Cereal Magazine

I know the brand Aiayu for a while and am a big fan of the nude and earthy tone whool home accessories of the best quality. When I saw Marie Worsaae’s (one of the partners at Aiayu) home on the Cereal … Continue reading →

Svalnäsvägen 18

Svalnäsvägen 18

Residence of Victoria & Daniel at the Haga Palace in Stockholm : When visitors step into the large entrance, they face motif photographs from Drottningholm Palace and Ockelbo - the places where the couple grew up.

Entrance Hall - Haga Palace (Haga slott), formerly known as the Queen's Pavilion (Drottningens paviljong), is located in the Haga Park, Solna Municipality in Metropolitan Stockholm, Sweden.

Hallway. Eriksbergsgatan 34, 1 tr | Per Jansson fastighetsförmedling

Hallway. Eriksbergsgatan 34, 1 tr | Per Jansson fastighetsförmedling