Vintage champagne glasses at the CFDA Awards//

I've always wanted a glamorous New Years' eve party with this theme. We don't drink in my family, only on trips (like glass of wine in France or Italy) or parties special occasions like New Years: must have champagne that night.

Pictures and art on walls. Command strips are your new best friend.

frames, globes and european license plates never looked so good. Make license plate things.

Wedding Toasts: From the Maid of Honor

Wedding Toasts: From the Maid of Honor

Entertaining cocktails dinner party birthday anniversary celebration rose champagne with crystal glasses

Superfin! Eos pendel, large i gruppen Belysning / Lampor / Taklampor hos (128400)

Eos Large Pendant Ceiling Shade 65 x White by Vita Lighting 02042

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