Salvias, cardoons, angelica, brightly colored dahlias and zinnias, gladioli, and jungly foliage from cannas and banana and  Alliums

Garden Visit: Sarah Raven's Perch Hill

blue and white border, ♥♥♥ re pinned by @HuttonandHutton #HuttonandHutton

Hedge Fence

love the mixture of white roses and lavender in the same rectilinear bed, lovely combination, modern and traditional

Lady of Megginch (Ausolume) and Nepeta 'Kit Kat'

Lady of Megginch (Ausvolume) & Nepeta 'Kit Kat' Nothing measures up to Nepeta! This plant takes a beating and still looks so beautiful when the rest of my plants are looking BLAH!

Klematis med skuggande funkia vid fötterna. Snyggt!

This is why I need a taller trellis. I also like the garden sink in the background.

Stjärnflocka Astrantia ‘Hadspens Blood’

Bästa stjärnflockan (Victoria Skoglund)