EARTH DAY•**•.¸❤¸.•**•April 22 -We are all in this together!

Kindness key to happiness and acceptance for children

What we do in our lifetime on this planet affects 7 generations. What is our legacy? To our children? To their children? To the planet? How did we help?

Teach students about human rights with this infographic of the 30 articles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Understanding Our Basic Human Rights

So very true! :)

What are Human Rights?

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US, Canada and Ukraine vote against UN resolution condemning “glorification of Nazism”

UN special committee approves draft resolution to decolonize Guam - Pacific News Center

Vad är mänskliga rättigheter? Film och diskussion

Vad är mänskliga rättigheter? Film och diskussion