Awesome Nautical Sleeve Tattoos

Awesome Nautical Sleeve Tattoos

Nautical tattoo by Alessio Favre

80 Ridiculously Cool Tattoos For Men

So, what’s a guy gotta do to pull off the most epic tattoo in human history? Here are 80 ridiculously cool tattoos for men.

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An American sailor being inked by a shipmate aboard USS New Jersey on their way to the Pacific, December 1944.

Reminds me of my brother. Much-inked American sailor having another tattoo done by a shipmate aboard the battleship USS New Jersey during WWII. Date taken: December 1944 Photographer: Charles Fenno Jacobs

My tattoo is located on my left side/back. It took five and hours to complete the tattoo.

wow this is amazing! ive loved the Edwardian era my whole life and i love the titanic even more...this is a big possibility<3

Tattoo by Ivan Yug

Boat Tattoo Why do people choose boats when it comes to tattoos? Well, first of all boat tattoo designs can be funny and beautiful.

Matching anchor tattoos are a super cute way for a couple to show their devotion to one another, and some married couples even choose to get anchor tattoos