I really am wondering how in the world somebody managed to get this shot and lived to tell the story...

Rage in color, By Veselin Malinov. An amazing picture. Exquisite composition, with the interesting, eye-catching shape made by the waves and the burst of color in the form of the lighthouse amidst the waves.

Can you see, what appears to be, an eye in this storm? http://madamescherzo.tumblr.com/post/13017748995

Storm clouds on the ocean. My Once a sailor Hubby thinks that Nature's Oceanic Art is amazing;

Weathering the city sans technology (it can be done).

I Lived for 90 Days in New York City Without Internet, Computer or a Cell Phone

Another pinner: Like this image alone on a vast, somewhat stormy, ocean glad I have my sea legs.I don't have sea legs;

So much chaos, however, because of the suspended balance and horizontal lines, you feel so empowered.

Famous Quotes on Images (Part 1)

Cliffs and slamming waves. Shore Acres State Park , Oregon, 2014 ~ Amazing shot, I would not want to be the guy on the rock

Tempete à Ar Men Situé à l'extrémité Ouest de la chaussée de Sein, le phare d'Ar-Men culmine à plus de 33 mètres au dessus de la mer. Construit en 14 ans, il résiste depuis plus de 130 ans aux assauts répétés de la mer d'Iroise. Depuis déjà de nombreuses années, Ar-Men n'est plus habité et se retrouve seul face aux coups de butoirs de vagues monstrueuses

Breizhscapes MAG N°7 - Collectif breizhscapes - Photographes de Bretagne

foxpapa: M A E S T O S O !

~~Lighthouse Wave - Porthcawl Pier - Giant wave during an epic storm, Cardiff, South Wales


22 Exceedingly British Complaints About The Weather