Sand (or sugar), faux pearls & a candle. This is insanely easy and looks so elegant.

I have also seen similar centerpieces that use epsom salts instead of sugar. You could also sprinkle a mix of pearls/gems. Sand (or sugar), faux pearls, a 3 candle. An easy DIY wedding centerpiece idea.

DIY: terracotta votives

DIY: terracotta votives >> So simple, yet so pretty! Great for showers/wedding or gift baskets. Add a little bow, some rope or dip-dye the vases! This would also work for diy citronella candles.

Making beeswax candles in egg shells

Homeschooling in the Rose Garden: Eggy Crafts ~ Beeswax candles in egg shells. Great idea for Easter

barnyard animal candle holders

62 Ways to Make Something New Out of Something Old

Make floating candles: Turn tea light over and seal bottom with wax (light a taper candle and let the hot wax drip onto the bottom of the tea light). This stops water from getting into the candle wick, so it won't go out when its in the water. Candles should now float in water - pretty

How to Make Floating Candles Part II

#diy Quick DIY brick candle stick ( –

Just can't get enough of taper candles and how versatile they can be ~ Quick DIY brick candle. For outdoor fireplace on summer nights :)

Soup ladles + tea lights

Soup spoon lights candles - nice for a bathroom! Perhaps mix and match old antique soup spoons

30 Innovative DIY Candles

30 Innovative DIY Candles

Use Crayons to Create Color Block Candles - thinking we'd have time for 2 layers, straight versus angled due to quantity, would be a great using holiday colors so they could gift them?

Candy filled jar Candles for your Winter and Christmas Decor. $16.00, via Etsy. (Love the idea, can do for about $5 total for both jars. Thanks, the dollar store)

Mint candy filled jar candles for your Winter/Christmas decor. Look in dollar store for items needed: glass jars, tea light candles, mint candies and any type of ribbon

30 Innovative DIY Candles

30 Innovative DIY Candles

Great way of spending your day is to lighten up the candles, relax and enjoy. When you have time use it for yourself to fell relaxed and comfy. To make tha