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Black Bean Burger Recipe with Sweet Potato Fries

Black Bean Burger Recipe with sweet potato fries

Black Bean Burger Recipe with picked red onion, guacamole and sweet potato fries. Super easy to do and so delicious.

6 Pancake Recipes - Easy, Delicious & Healthy - HappyHealthyHunters

Healthy Pancakes Recipes - Vegan, Vegetarian & Glutenfree

We do love making pancakes, we love them even more if they are healthy. So in this post we will share our 6 best healthy pancakes recipes.

Banana Ice cream - 2 Ingredient Healthy Nice Cream

Banana ice cream - 2 Ingredient Healthy Ice Cream

Nanacream a wholesome ice cream made from banana – a banana ice cream made of just 2 ingredients!

Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding - Easy, healthy and delicious!

Coconut Chia pudding

Chia pudding is a simple way to get your daily vitamins. This pudding is made with blueberries, banana, maple syrup, almond milk & vanilla!

Healthy Vegan Applecake sweetned with dates!

Healthy Vegan Applecake, with lime and cinnamon and a crispy texture that is impossible to get enough of. Sugar free, sweetened with dates.

Healthy Raw Balls filled with almonds, pumpkin seeds & ginger

Pumpkin ginger balls - Healthy Raw balls

These nice little healthy raw balls kicks off the sleepy morning any time, with a cup of coffee you're guaranteed to cross a lot from your to-do list.

Black Bean Burger Recipe with Sweet Potato Fries - Vegan & Super Easy

Black Bean Burger Recipe with sweet potato fries

Black Bean Burgers With Guacamole, Roasted Eggplant, Red Cabbage Slaw & Pickled Red Onions

Here's an easy delightful asparagus salad with radishes, soft-boiled egg & red onions

Asparagus Salad recipe with radishes and eggs

RawFood Cake with blueberries - Happy Healthy Hunters

RawFood Cake with blueberries

Here is a recipe for a delicious rawfood cake. Loaded with good stuff such as cashews, almonds and blueberries. Decorate it with some edible flowers.

Saffron Muffins with Lingonberries and Raisins

Wonderful saffron muffin with lingonberries. Quick to make and send a wonderful Christmas spirit. They are really a treat to look at aswell.

Easy Vegetarian Pizza with Avokado & Rocket salad and Green Pesto!

We want to inspire you to dare to experiment a little with your homemade pizzas Try to make this vegetarian pizza and we guarantee that your hooked!

Chevré and Tomato Pie – A Luxurious Cheese Pie with a Healthy Pie Crust

Chevré and Tomato Pie – A luxurious Cheese Pie

Here's a luxurious twist on the classic, traditional Cheese Pie. With a base of Chevré and Tomatoes this recipe is almost to good to be true.