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No, Ginny, shut up. These are good names. haha After Ginny naming the tiny owl Pigeon ((I think it spelled it wrong…)) I can understand why Harry wouldn't let her pick the names.

Haha ja! Eller så var det Dumbledores sätt att slippa avslöja hans bedrägeri, att han fick avslöja sig själv..

Unfortunately this isn't exactly true, JKR said that dumbledore hired Lockhart so that he could teach the kids what not to do rather than what to do, but the post is funny nevertheless

Harry Potter

God bless whoever comes up with this marauder shit

I always used to say "I'm aware" when my friends would state something. My best friend would always laugh. It didn't help that she's basically Sirius as I am practically Remus (minus the WolfStar).