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A Gallery of Garden Shed Ideas

Recycled Greenhouse: this greenhouse is made from the windows of an old dairy farm. Virtually all the materials are recycled, save for the galvanized screws that hold it all together. It provides the perfect greenhouse for budding annuals.

Istället för en tråkig torkvinda

clothesline ~ basket for pins Oh, how I wish I lived in the country so I could hang my clothes out to dry and they would smell fresh and clean and not stink of chemicals poisons. A memory of Aunt Jessie's clothes line in her back yard from many years ago.

DIY AFTERNOON PROJECT: CLOTHESLINE 11011024_671078226351919_8481337944486531572_n


Note to self, don’t tie the dog to one of the clothesline poles. He doesn’t like it and will dig out the post then drag it around the yard. So today it was out with the old clothesline …

Weber grill table utekök trädgård outdoor kitchen grillbänk utegrill BBQ

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor DIY folding table for Weber 57 grill (small bbq ideas)

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Creative re-use idea: Bottle Irrigation Tomato Plant.I always forget about this trick, maybe if pin it ill remember.

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Lay square stepping stones over a grass and river rocks garden path. Lay a Stepping Stones and Path Combo to Update Your Landscape - Great Yard Ideas

linneasblommandevarld, kullersten!!!

Trying to convince Gary we "need" one of these to grow our herbs in over the winter. Well, then I guess I'd have to go out into the snow to pick basil and parsley instead of just going into the sunroom.