Ravelry: CarlaM's Twined Knitting mittens, white and striped

CarlaM's Twined Knitting mittens, white and striped

Lappone: Twined knitted mittens - Inspiration from Finland

Twined knitted mittens - yarn from Wålstedts These are mittens that I finished yesterday. I used yarn from Wålstedts .

Twined mittens Ravelry: Dödergöks tvåändsstickade vante pattern by Erika Guselius

Dödergöks Tvåändsstickade Vante pattern by Erika Guselius

Frigga, tvåändsstickade vantar by marias garn ~ Swedish Pattern and also available in English via Ravelry kr.40.00 SEK .... approx $7 Aust ... a z-plied 5ply sport yarn recommended which is ideal for twined knits

Frigga, tvåändsstickade vantar pattern by marias garn


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I denna DROPS video visar vi hur man stickar tvåändsstickning, en flera hundra år gammal traditionell svensk stickteknik. Du använder två trådar (även om det...

In this DROPS video we show how you do twined knitting - aka two-end knitting, a traditional Scandinavian knitting technique that is several hundreds year old .

Lappone: Twined Knitting projects 2009-2010 (tvåändsstickning)

Twined Mittens - Grey These are mittens in the traditional way. The yarn is z-plied wool from Kampes.