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Sweden vintage travel poster ~ 'Land of delightful contrasts' ~ 'One of the Scandinavian countries'

Viking Ship Paper Model - by Forbicolla - Barco Viking By Italian designer Cesare Bianchi, from Forbicolla website, here is a nice and easy-to-build Viking Ship paper model.

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Scandinavia 2015 AD: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark - by Martin Haake

Scandinavian Map by Martin Haake

Scandinavian Map by Martin Haake. Lindgren & Smith artist, Martin Haake, created map for Ensemble Lifestyles magazine.

Emil in Lönneberga | Astrid Lindgren. In every episode,Emil gets in trouble and…

emil in lönneberga, astrid lindgren. in every episode, emil gets in trouble and his father shouts, "emiiiiiiill!" and sends him to a shed where he makes wooden figures while waiting to get out.