A little over a 100 year old steam boat that is still in use in the Stockholm Archipelago. You can catch it from downtown Stockholm.

Norrskär, one of Stockholm Archipelagos oldest steam ships. You can catch the boat downtown Stockholm and it will take you out into the archipelago.

Stockholm skärsgård

Good friends, a bottle of wine, fresh food, and a summer cottage on the Swedish Archipelago - one of my all time favorite memories

Stockholm archipelago

Enjoy a day trip on Lake Mälaren & the archipelago of Stockholm by boat. Join us on a guided tour & discover the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm.

Take the steamboat to the Stockholm archipelago

Just 20 minutes away from Stockholm a world of 30 000 islands begins

Stockholm, Sweden's Archipelago. Explored via motorcycle with a sexy Swedish guy...

Stora Vånskär is an archipelago islet. Stockholm Archipelago has between 30 - 50 thousand islands, islets and skerries. Photo by Ola Ericson

Sweden, back to my roots

The peaceful Koster Islands are a walker's paradise (two hours north of Gothenburg, close to the Norwegian border). These car-free, eco islands offer a spectacular setting of beaches, rocky islands and the magic ‘Koster light’.