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Lise-Lotte Oskarsson

Lise-Lotte Oskarsson
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Hunky guy with man braid does yoga stretches to decompress desk shoulder! Love this set of shoulder stretches! So many great ones I'm not even sure where to start. Check it out if you've spent too much time hunched over the computer today.

with ・・・ : My 'cheat cheat' way of getting into this pose. Short arm problem It is impossible for me to bind AFTER getting into side plank. So the only option was to bind before actua

I'm definitely getting a Phoenix tattoo this year:)

“During the persecutions of the Cathars, DEMORI became the survival cry of our people. It means roughly, ‘I remain’ or some say ‘I remain over death’.

10 Phoenix Tattoo Ideas (10)

A distinct feather design to showcase delicacy and quality. A gorgeous Phoenix, because we could all rise from the ashes. I want these colors in the other back phoenix tattoo I found.

bird with print design

feminine-phoenix-tattoo-on-arm. Cool variation on the phoenix with lace detail. I like how there is black and white detailing along with color.Emblazened red feathers gives nice burning effect