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How to Make Dandelion Salve. Works great for dry skin, aches and pains! Montana Homesteader #DIY

Super easy Slow Cooker Broccoli Beef with the most AMAZING sauce - and it's so much tastier and healthier than take-out!

How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer | The Homesteading Hippy | #prepbloggers #essentialoils

Pain Relief Remedies with BIRCH

All in One Blend for Sleep and Tension Headaches

My Antibiotic Blend for a UTI: 4 drops Spark Naturals Shield, 3 drops Spark Naturals Oregano, 2 drops Spark Naturals Frankincense, Take in size 00 capsule every 3 hours the first day. 2nd and 3rd day: 3x daily. Take capsule with unsweetened, organic cranberry juice.

This is an EO blend to keep for emergency nerve pain in place of over the counter NSAID pain relievers and prescription pain meds that end up doing more damage than good. Why not give a naturally powerful pain remedy a go: no side effects, no addictive properties, no nonsense. There’s one essential oil that outshines …

Happy Christmas and Hanukkah to all! If I could, I would send each and every one of you a Gift, the Gift of a Frankincense and Myrrh Detox and Energy Soak to calm your mind and spirit, to ease your aches and pains and, to infuse your wonderful self with peace if but for 20 …

As crunchy as I am, I won’t live without a fine tube of mascara. My eyes need it to be seen and my psyche needs it to feel pretty here in wild Wyoming where the elements are tough on a girl! With a drop of this and a drop of that you can turn that …