An Old-Fashioned New England-Style Clambake . . .

Inspiration for a beach theme canada day Party this year! A New England style Clam bake!

Juneberry Lane: An Old-Fashioned New England-Style Clambake . . .

How to decorate for a coastal clam bake party. 10 Ways to make your guests remember your shin dig.

Små Skagen Toast av Leila Lindholm

Skagen is an area in Sweden so the toasts are named after it. It is usually chopped shrimps with mayonnaise and caviar, perhaps some dill.

Kräftskiva: Placeringskorten dekorationer till kräftskiva | Hemma med Helena

Hemma med Helena

Dags för kräftskiva – 8 roliga tips som förhöjer festen

Dags att duka till kräftskiva! - Sköna hem Perfect DIY for the crayfish party...

Kräftlyktor, dekorationer och dukningar – dags att duka till kräftskiva!