1920: “Selfie”                                                          Side view of photographers posing together for a photograph on the roof of Marceau's Studio, while Joseph Byron holds one side of the camera with his right hand and Ben Falk holds the other side with his left hand.

The Selfie. Photograph by The Byron Company. In this capture from December the photographers of the Byron Company got together for a selfie on the roof of Marceau’s photography studio in New York City.

1911: Maud Wagner, Female Tattoo Artist | Retronaut

Maud Wagner, the first known female tattoo artist in the U., In she traded a date with her husband-to-be for tattoo lessons. Their daughter, Lotteva Wagner, was also a tattoo artist.

Vintage swimsuit 1900s

Mina Wylie, a Dutch Olympic swimmer photographed in 1912 wearing her surprisingly modern-looking swimsuit. I thought swimwear was much more modest at this time, perhaps its because she’s an athlete…?

Colour photographs of Charlie Chaplin | Retronaut

Autochrome portrait of Charlie Chaplin, Hollywood, Calif., circa 1917 - 1918 © George Eastman House/Charles Zoller/The Image Works

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