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I feel that way sometimes when a person tells you that you were doing something terribly wrong or everyone ob the team starts shouting at you "why didn't you do this or this, now we lost because of you.

It's getting worse......The cuts are getting deeper, I'm going to a summer program for my new school (moved up to high school) and it's like I'm the outcast among all the people I know there. It hurts.. To know I'm a reject in my own school...

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hårdare än asfalt

~knyter min hand i fickan och går~ Harder than asphalt , I wanted to be I close…

I'm kinda just done...no one gives a shit about me or what I do. No one does jack shit for me when I feel like dying and I donso much for everyone. I just want to go

I have a tiny bit of motivation left, or I wouldn't be pinning about it, I'd be on my bathroom floor, bleeding out. But I'm lsing the battle.

Agreed <3

I have scars and tattoos. They both represent something. My greatest scar is my pacemaker scar because that's when God made realize the life I was living was so wrong. I love my scars and tattoos.