Mini Cauliflower Pizza Crusts! A yummy low-carb alternative to traditional crust.

How to Make Mini Cauliflower-Crust Pizzas

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Carrot fries (taste just like sweet potato fries)! When making carrot slices I worried they were too thin, but they ended up being perfect. Go easy on olive oil. Put a little oil in plastic zip lock and move til all sticks are covered.

The Perfect Fall Cheese Platter

The Perfect Fall Cheese Platter

The most amazing sweet potato recipe in the world!

Roasted Spiced Sweet Potatoes

The secret to crispy baked sweet potato fries? Soak them in water for an hour to release the starch that makes them soggy.

baked sweet potato fries- soak for an hour, dry, toss in corn starch, toss in olive oil and seasoning, bake. I'd use coconut oil to make it healthier.

15 Watermelon Hacks - Tricks for Making Watermelon Better

15 Better Ways to Enjoy Watermelon This Summer

The sweetness from just-picked garden tomatoes is hard to find year round so I roast my tomatoes on a foil-lined sheet pan to give them a candied flavor.

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