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creyonさんの提案 - 「KENZO FARM」のロゴ作成 | クラウドソーシング「ランサーズ」

creyonさんの提案 - 「KENZO FARM」のロゴ作成 | クラウドソーシング「ランサーズ」

máscaras geométricas & coleção formatos Geometric Masks and Shapes Collection

máscaras geométricas & coleção formatos Geometric Masks and Shapes Collection : Though, it doesn't look like much of a design, I favor the logos' design styles. Just using lines and a background can change how it looks makes it interesting.

Apothecary Hand Wash

Apothecary hand wash & is now available at Frama Studio Store and selected partners around Europe. Come by Fredericiagade 57 today and test the full range of our latest collection of Danish produced body care objects.


Eszter Laki designed the logo, labels, business cards and other assets for GREEN LABORATORIUM, a Swiss hand-crafted skincare brand that needed packaging as wonderfully pure as the products themselves.


Snejana Hill Cosmetics and Inspired by Kyoto Line


Snejana Hill Cosmetics are a line of lotions, creams, masks, and oils inspired by nature. Suprematika designed the packaging to celebrate the pure ingredients used in each product, highlighting all its natural goodness.

Framed Bandanas: Americana The Beautiful — American Style

One man's trash is another's treasure. You'd be surprised the things you can frame to make a fabulous gallery wall. Check out our 28 things you didn't know you could frame! For more wall art ideas and decor DIY, go to Domino.