Lotta Rodin Lundberg

Lotta Rodin Lundberg

Jag älskar grodor och delfiner :)
Lotta Rodin Lundberg
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So true! #geocache #geocaching Repin!

Geocaching: What happens when you tell nerds to "go outside and play".

Painted ladybug rocks for Geocaching swag.

Painted ladybug rocks for Geocaching swag. Have to make these for the Camp Creek Greenway Geo Trail! (If you find the Garden cache, you'll know why.

this is amazing!

Hunting preparedness kit built into a truck. Includes two chocolate labs! Hunting made simple - Outdoor Ideas

Geocaching buttons

my favourite is DNF happens.Geocaching set of 10 badges by PixelSaiyuri on Etsy, Ha! I love the one that says "Don't mess with a geocacher-- they know the best places to hide the body.