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Repurposing Plans for Shipping Wood Pallets. For the decoration lovers, here is an idea for decorating the home in a unique way with the repurposed wood pallet planter in which the flower of different colors can be placed for the appealing look. There ar Wood Pallet Planters, Wood Pallet Furniture, Furniture Ideas, Pallet Wood, Outdoor Pallet, Pallet Patio, Backyard Furniture, Furniture Design, Upcycled Furniture


To make numerous equipment which could be used at house plastic injection molding process is basically one of the most applicable. You’ll must maintain pure flooring to cease filth and dirt, however try to preserve the natural magnificence, utilizing clear or earthy finishes. The nails usually come on the coil. One among many main causes […]

Monstera Deliciosa – A Split Leaf Philodendron needs medium to bright light. A Monstera deliciosa can survive in lower light, but the leaves won't split and the plant becomes leggy. Keep a Split Leaf Philodendron out of the direct sun. Monstera Deliciosa, Plante Monstera, Plantas Indoor, Decoration Plante, Green Decoration, Home Decoration, Plants Are Friends, Spider Plants, Indoor Gardening

Mes Plantes // Monstera Deliciosa - Mango and Salt

Je vous propose aujourd’hui de continuer l’exploration de mes plantes vertes adorées; après vous avoir présenté mes tillandsias il y a quelques semaines, voici la reine de mon salon, une monstera deliciosa ! Pour une amatrice de plantes exotiques et de « jungles intérieures » comme moi, la monstera est un must: son look très particulier lui vautLire la suite…

Idea Of Making Plant Pots At Home // Flower Pots From Cement Marbles // Home Decoration Ideas – Top Soop Dry Plants, Green Plants, Tropical Plants, Best Indoor Plants, Outdoor Plants, Flower Pot Design, Flower Art, China Rose, Pot Plante

Så gör du för att ditt Palettblad ska bli buskigt - Blomfantast

För att få till ett så där riktigt härligt buskigt palettblad så gäller det att vara tuff med saxen. Palettbladet på bilden ovanför har jag klippt ned ordentligt för att det ska börja grena sig. I det här inlägget ska jag visa dig precis hur…