♡ Outdoor Light String

Cute little outdoor setup. Sun hats hung on the fence make a thoughtful addition for daytime users, while lovely string lights provide atmosphere in the evenings.

Anything that makes stuff disappear is a keeper (and worth sharing!( #StorageBench #DIYBench

Make Storage Multitask (pool area?) Solve two outdoor problems -- a lack of seating and of storage -- at once. Transform wooden chests with paint and custom cushions made of waterproof foam and fabric. (For backyard toys, gardening stuff, and pool chems)


So for today, I have made you a very interesting post that is called "Lovable and Very Relaxing Garden Retreats That Will

Parasoll från Mirlo, tillsammans med gröna trädgårdsmöbler Av: Cia Wedin Foto: Stellan Herner

Mönstermixat i den vackra 1920-talsvillan

Hängstol Rotting

Hängstol Rotting