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Afar (Ethiopia). Some say the Afar are descendants of the Egyptian pharaohs. They share some similarities in the way people wear their hair and shawls draped loosely over their shoulders, a few words of their language, and use symbols reminiscent of hieroglyphics to mark their camels.

The Afar (Afar: Qafár), also known as the Danakil, are an ethnic group in the Horn of Africa. They primarily live in the Afar Region of Ethiopia and in northern Djibouti, although some also inhabit the southern point of Eritrea.

Africa | Miss Fayo in Harari traditional clothes for a celebration, Harar, Ethiopia | ©Eric Lafforgue

Harari girl back from a ceremony, Ethiopia …

Il mondo di Mary Antony: I paesaggi hawaiani di John Al Hougue

Virink - Aenami - artwork #532547

Virink artwork from Alena Aenami (

The Art Of Animation, Stoian Hitrov - ...

The Art Of Animation, Stoian Hitrov - ...

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Evening's Last Call by Roy Tabora

A Different Drummer ~ Roy Tabora, Hawaiian seascape painter

Pintura Hiperrealismo Paisaje ++++++++++++++++++++

Pintura Hiperrealismo Paisaje ++++++++++++++++++++

Woodif Co Photo - Liwa Oasis in Rub' al Khali desert, United Arab Emirates 915828875226994

Arabian Walk - Liwa Oasis in Rub' al Khali desert, Abu Dhabi, UAE


蔺姬采集到power:love this art style