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Hamon (from Japanese, literally “blade pattern”) is a visual effect created on the blade by the hardening process. The hamon is the outline of the hardened zone (yakiba) which contains …

draw Tutorials — anatoref: Katana Sword Reference: Top Image Row...

anatoref: “Katana Sword Reference: Top Image Row Left, Right Row (Source: Unknown) Row Left, Right Bottom Image ”

Couverture : Vampire Knight, Tome 18

Shiki and Rima, pocky loving, vampire models. What's not to love? They are just a funny as heck but absolutely adorable couple!

Tags: Anime, Vampire Knight, Matsuri Hino, Reading, Aerial View, Ichijou Takuma, Kain Akatsuki

Can we talk about how studious they all look but Takuma's literally just reading a cookbook xD // vampire knight official art book // Kain Aido Takuma Senri