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Lucas Sab

Lucas Sab
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Top Ten Special ops team in the world maybe if you agree with the order. i dont

Top Ten Special ops team in the world. However I don't agree with the order, nor can I say one is better then the other. All the units have there legends and bad dudes. Simple cool to know (hoping densus 88 is here Haha)

Fuck It Morale Patch

[Single Count] Custom, Cool & Awesome Inch} Small Square Rounded Corners Fuck It Humping Stick Figure Word IT Text (Sex, Comedy Type) Velcro Patch "Black, White & Gray" : Aloha Puka Morale Patch : Sports & Outdoors

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Marsoc with Iraqi special forces patch

The amount of money might be a little crazy but it's a hobby that you can play for your whole life and not be bored of because of the feeling you get kicking down a door, or ambushing a convoy transporting prisoners or supplies necessary to your cause.