e sense of peace. I'd use these in a smaller, more intimate room where you read or listen to music. They let you drift into imaginary worlds even with your eyes wide open." –Basil Walter Donald Kaufman Color DKC-63; DKC-50

21 Color Combinations for the Truly Fearless

"The reason these colors work so well together is that they're the most natural combination, like the green leaves and brown bark of a tree. I think there's something therapeutic about pale green walls, and the nutty brown trim has an undertone of green.

Table basse plateau marbre, Helda

Table basse carrée plateau marbre, Helda

Helda Rectangular, Marble-Top Coffee Table AM. Designed by Emmanuel Gallina exclusively for AM. For Emmanuel Gallina it's all about elegance, prominence and simplicity, with.

Floor: Chicago - Z-Collection - Z-parket #zparket #parquet #oakhardwoodflooring #solidoakflooring

Floor: Chicago - Z-Collection - Z-parket #zparket #parquet #oakhardwoodflooring #solidoakflooring

Floor New York - Z-Collection - Z-parket #zparket  #oakhardwoodfloors #engineeredfloors

Floor New York - Z-Collection - Z-parket #zparket #oakhardwoodfloors #engineeredfloors