Photografia: Veja imagens premiadas em concurso do Zoo de Londres de fotos de animais

Monkey Snapper by Lucy Ray. Photographer Lucy Ray said: 'Chickaboo is a curious baby gorilla. She was fascinated by the camera and although she looks as though is taking a picture, she is actually looking at her reflection in the back of the screen.

Foto: Sergey Gorshkov] / Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year

"Russia-The duel" Sergey Gorshkov / Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012

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Fassa Lighthouse was built in 1874 and is located at the northwestern part of Andros, on Cape Fassa. Mare e Vista a hotel surrounded by beauty and culture!

Macaco toma banho nas águas quentes do Parque de Jigokudani, em Yamanouchi, no Japão. O registro foi feito pelo fotógrafo Philip Field, do Reino Unido

Veja fotos premiadas em concursos

In the Drink Photo by Philip Field -- National Geographic Your Shot

A exposição começou na sexta-feira (21), e inclui imagens de bichos exóticos, como a deste crocodilo indiano, vencedora da categoria 'Estranho e Magnífico'. O zoo é considerado um dos mais antigos do mundo, tendo sido inaugurado em 1828

Category 4 Weird and Wonderful, Adult Winner: Reflective Gharial by Robert Heischman. Photographer Robert Heischman said: 'This is a gharial (aka gavial), a critically endangered narrow-snouted crocodilian, reflected in shallow waters near sunset.

Protectora y premiada madre de escorpiones.

En fotos: protectora y premiada madre de escorpiones

Ingo Arndt wins the Fritz Pölking Award 2012 with the photo called "New life" about the well protected baby scorpions on their mother's back

Oso polar. Foto de Joe Bunni premiada en los "Global Arctic Awards". Via @TapasDeCiencia.

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Post with 4393 votes and 1964065 views. Shared by Photographer Joe Bunni spent three days on a small boat looking for polar bears in Nunavut and finally got this shot

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China National Award: “Horse fighting in Rongshui, Guangxi” by Ngai-bun Wong, China, Place, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

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Space Shuttle Endeavour launches into orbit toward the east, as the stars and waning crescent moon trail toward the west, leaving a beautiful reflection on the Intracoastal Waterway in Ponte Vedra, Florida Photo by James Vernacotola

A fotógrafa belga Nicole Cambre escolheu esta imagem de um mulher Mursi, grupo étnico da Etiópia

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Foto premiada con el Pulitzer 2009

En fotos: las mejores imágenes ganadoras del premio Pulitzer desde 1942

"After the Storm" Patrick Farrell captured a boy trying to save a stroller after the tropical storm Hanna struck Haiti.


The Explosion! Winner of the 2012 National Geographic Photography Contest. "The subject’s name is Busaba, a well-cared-for Indochinese tigress, whose home is at Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Thailand." Photo by Ashley Vincent of Chonburi, Thailand.

Espectacular aurora sobre Islandia, premiada como mejor foto de astronomía por el Observatorio Real de Greenwich.

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Royal Observatory Greenwich and BBC's Sky at Night magazine astronomy photo of the year James Woodend of the UK submitted a photo of a green aurora pictured in Iceland's Vatnajökull National Park reflected in Jökulsörlön Glacier lagoon.

Esta foto (no es un 'herror', esta es la foto) fue premiada con 3,000 dólares... estoy perdiendo plata :/

Esta foto (no es un 'herror', esta es la foto) fue premiada con 3,000 dólares... estoy perdiendo plata :/