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Another great angular roof line. I especially like the interior angle and the added ceiling height.

The house of Mr. Simon by Mathieu NOËL & Élodie Bonnefous In 2009 that Mr. Simon has contacted Mathieu Noël for share with him his construction project. He wants to call his former student became an architect. This is the beginning of the...

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This tiny cabin vacation is in a farm setting just 15 minutes away from downtown Portland, Oregon.

Mobil, unabhängig von Versorgungsnetzen, schonend zur Umwelt, günstiger als jedes Studio und doch top-modern in erlesenem Design: Das ist das Konzept von Freedomky. Auf 28 bis 40 m² bietet es individuelles Wohnen mit viel Komfort.

Freedomky: moderne unabhängige Kleinsthäuser

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