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DIY lip scrub. My lips have never been as chapped as this year. I tried it once and so far so good! It got all the dead skin off. (I will omit the salt next time...didn't like the taste)

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"Flynn Rider The only Disney character to ever question why everybody is randomly singing.">>>No didn't Maui from Moana question it?


BFF Kawaii Avocado Necklace vegan jewelry by ClayCreationsForEver - don't need this to be a friendship necklace. I just want a cute avocado

This is why I say rhinos are unicorns with curves. Beauty is in the high of the beholder. I guess.

Whenever you see a spider remember that it is just a really small land octopus

Jennifer Lawrence Was a Teenager Too

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Rihana could swim and Ciara would have to drown cause I am saving the QUEEN of rap NICKI MINAJ