More ideas from Annis

Sienna Miller - Spritz some sea salt spray in your hair to achieve more natural waves like Miller's, and take a spin on the bob by tucking one end behind your hair and securing with a pin, while letting the other strands blow in your face.

A slightly wavy bob with a liiiiittle bit of layering to lighten up the ends = the ideal way to ease into short hair for longer-locked gals.

Curly haired gals, we've got you: use a diffuser when you're drying hair to boost volume at the rooms. Or, look for a half-inch curler if you want to create your own corkscrew curls.

One of our favorite hairstyle chameleons, Sarah Paulson shows us how to rock visible roots without looking like you slept on a few colorist sessions. She incorporates the dual-tone color into her red-carpet style with a blunt cut and equally edgy waves.