Fried Honey Banana... only honey, banana and cinnamon.

Fried honey banana

"Fried" Honey Cinnamon Bananas-- only honey, banana and cinnamon and ALL good for you. They're amazing crispy goodness by themselves, or give a nice upgrade sprinkled over french toast or a peanut butter banana sandwich

12 Healthy Soups (with recipes) . I absolutely adore soup. Could eat it everyday, with Kashi Humnus Crisps on the side. 3 awesome flavors and all natural ingredients Love Cooking? - Vist our website now!

brussels sprouts // parmesan and pine nuts

Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts With Parmesan and Pine Nuts. You can sub the pine nuts with any nuts. I've tried pistachios and it tasted super yummy!

Kycklingpanna med bacon

Kycklingpanna med bacon replace flour with potato starch for paleo/gf

No Piece of Paleo Cake: Recipe - Baked Egg in an Avocado

Breakfast Egg avocado --slice off top like stuffed tomatoes--so avocado left for egg to bake in. plus scooped out stuff for other meals.

2 Ingredient Flourless Nutella Cake

Two Ingredient Flourless Nutella cake

Kycklinggryta med grädde, spenat och tomat

Kycklinggryta med grädde, spenat och tomat