Caged ball necklace, Gold geometric bar necklace with ball, skinny bar chain- sml size by LANGUAGEjewelry on Etsy


“Scribbled Wire Sculptures, David Oliveira Lisbon-born sculptor David Oliveira creates delicate figurative sculptures using wire that’s formed to look like manically drawn ink sketches on.


Graphic Design Inaluxe // Graphic Art Print inspiration How would you like your graphic design Yasuro Urugawa Illustration

tropical blue wedding invite

San Francisco, Where Yo Flowers at? We Recommend Mission de Flores

Amazing Examples Of Shadow Art    Everyday objects manipulated to cast incredibly realistic shadows. Here are some stunning pieces by artists Kumi Yamashita, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Shigeo Fukuda, and Larry Kagan.

21 Amazing Examples Of Shadow Art

Kumi Yamashita 'City View' 2003 Aluminum numbers, single light source, shadow Commissioned by Namba Parks Tower, Osaka Japan


Maybe a mix of real and created leaves . New idea! Image of Botanical Assembly No: 1 by INALUXE

love these colors

Lehr & Black Stationery in Summer Lovin' by Mindy Weiss in Rue Magazine - Issue 5 - May/June 2011