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Maarten coelingh

Maarten coelingh
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Black Walnut with Ash Headphone stand

Diy Headphone Stand - how to make a cheap headphone stand?making the ultimate diy headphone stand

We are proudly to announce that all our wood products are hand shaped and crafted in house. This gives us the possibility to attend to the tiniest detail on material which can never be achieved by CNC* woodworking machines used often on the market for wood phone supports. As a result, each of our product is unique, organic, and a perfect showcase of our master craftsmans skill. *A CNC router is a computer-controlled cutting machine Here we incorporate our signature industrial lighting with…

Here we incorporate our signature industrial lighting with phone & watch docking station. Serve as a perfect piece for your desktop display or bedside ambient luminance. Roughly sanded wood plate and solid metal pipe frame gives a strong industrial accent

steampunk computer now this looks cool

there are primitive types of computers in Bysforge that send text, sound, and picture to each other via radio wave.

Possibly the classiest computer keyboard ever...

Funny pictures about The Gorgeous Diviner Keyboard. Oh, and cool pics about The Gorgeous Diviner Keyboard. Also, The Gorgeous Diviner Keyboard photos.