A really nice raised garden design

How To Grow Your Own Superfoods

Love this design too for raised beds Nice garden layout. podcast details on minute list his mineral link and what to do with your soil to produce better fruit/veg.

Wish I could find the source | coca cola goes floral

Diet Coke Releases New Floral Cans Just For the Ladies

coca cola goes floral. Is this a real thing? Can this be a thing?

Betong - I just love this one!

Oh how I would have loved this when I was a kid! My tape one my dad made in the basement was pretty awesome though! - Gardening For You


up cycled garden trowel message/photo holder. love this idea,make trowels into other things.

Fall patio pots


Fall Garden Container Ideas - like pumpkins and flowering kale.

concrete leaves

Decorative Splash Block

This is a great idea I just made my first leaf a week ago and was looking for a way to use them. Decorative idea for downspouts.love the leaves.looks like a mini garden water feature.

garden tools

The Potting Shed

Roma Provisions Rainboots - Roma Boots Glossy Plum | VAULT

{Provisions Rainboots in Glossy Plum} Roma Boots- wanna this one!

skateboard swing

How to Make a Skateboard Swing. Here's a fantastic way to repurpose an old broken skateboard. Build this skateboard swing for your kids to enjoy! Find an old skateboard that your kids no longer use.