Haha!! This episode was too much

This episode was too much. Two of my favorites in one: David Tennant (the one and only Doctor) and David Morrissey (the Governor from The Walking Dead)

This is a temporary tower made entirely of water

It's a Dalek. No, it's a shower. It's a friggen Dalek on the sign. It looks exactly like a Dalek. I refuse to see it as a shower sign.

This is still one of my favorite episodes despite its massive continuity errors. :D

I wake up every morning to 10 saying "You are beautiful. No really, you are. You are gorgeous." I think every girl should wake up to the Doctor telling her she's beautiful and gorgeous ;

Oh I cracked up at this one!!

The fourth Doctor was so funny. Why do more people not want to go back and watch Classic Who? *Must watch more classic Who.

I love the TARDIS!

I just watched this episode last night. //"Oh you beautiful idiot. You have what you've always had. You've got me.tardis is awesome. so excited about another neil gaiman episode this season]]

That awkward moment when the Governor from the Walking Dead was almost the Doctor

#10 I've only got one life to life Rose Tyler. I could spend it with you, if you want.

Doctor Who - moonlessheart

Whovian valentines: I've only got one life, Rose Tyler. I could spend it with you.

Graham Norton Show Matt Smirth, David Tennant.......and Matt - you know you're impressive when you freak out two Time Lords!

matt and david on graham norton. red chair with matt's look alike named. Saw this episode. SO FUNNY. Davids face, oh my god