The It’s Not What It Looks Like Collection. Freaking hilarious!!

The It’s Not What It Looks Like Collection cute animals dogs cat cats adorable dog puppy animal pets funny pictures funny animals funny pets funny dogs. The husky in the toilet wins it all

You literally had ONE job!!!!!

Here are some bizarre construction FAILS that will really make you wonder. And the flying car and half floor just made me think if Harry Potter

Awkward moment… sorry but that was waaay to funny.

Awkward moment with my dad…

Funny pictures about Awkward moment with my dad. Oh, and cool pics about Awkward moment with my dad. Also, Awkward moment with my dad.

This is awesome.

The face of a man who’s completely done…

"My AP Euro teacher wouldn’t let our class watch Les Mis so we barricaded the door and screamed “VIVE LA REVOLUCIÓN” when he tried to get in. That is the face of a man who is done." (That poor man)

The Funniest Panorama Fails Ever

Funny Panorama Fails- the old man is eating with his feet hahahahahah

I laughed way too hard at The Graduate.

Guy Re-enacts classic movie scenes with his boss’s dog – Toonts>>>I am laughing do hard

Do, Don't, and Please Don't

This is hilarious. No sandals, and no cutoff shorts. I guess you are taking the do's and don'ts of fashion seriously now.

this makes me laugh so hard every time i see it, never gets old.

This is kinda insulting to people who wear glasses. It makes people think your not beautiful if you wear glasses and your a weird nerd. I wear glasses and I get hateful comments like I'm a nerd.

Some interesting movie facts…

Some interesting movie facts…

Funny pictures about Some interesting movie facts. Oh, and cool pics about Some interesting movie facts. Also, Some interesting movie facts.

Harry potter

Deep Tumblr. (sorry wadjet. i love you)

This Harry Potter rant is hysterical. Sorry for the mild language. Also, "your soul is made of lies and half-eaten lollipops.

Misha on his kids.

Misha on his kids. (This isn't real Misha on his kids. This interviewer was being rude and sick cuz he kept bringing up misha's wife's book on threesomes and wanting to know about that. Misha got fed up and started to answer like this. Go Misha!

Viggo spontaneously head-butting people.

I think peter gave a little nod to Viggo spontaneously head-butting people in the hobbit when he had dwalin and balin head butt.

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

New MEME 2014 Oh Internet. anyone else thinks she looks like a centaur? oh thank you the internet for the new meme and photoshop