Madeleine Svensson

Madeleine Svensson

Madeleine Svensson
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These would look amazing on the windows and the kids always love watercolor painting. Indoor recess?

water colors and doilies make the prettiest garland! This was a FUN craft to do with my 3 year old - she really loves painting and it made the prettiest garland when we were done

Light Table Mandalas with various materials. We’ve... | Reggio Children Inspired

Light Table Mandalas with various materials. We’ve used buttons, glass beads, shells, and bottle caps.The children are constantly looking for more small material collections to use in their Mandalas. A mandala ritual can be a very empowering.

Tomato Slices

One bit of old folklore wisdom says to plant tomatoes when the soil is warm enough to sit on with bare buttocks. In surburban areas, use the back of your wrist - Jackie French -Tomato Slices Patterns in Nature