Some sort of bench/reading area with storage underneath could be fun in here. mommo design: IKEA HACKS FOR KIDS

In my research for ideas on the STUVA, I& seen it morphed into quite a few incarnations. Here is the IKEA STUVA BENCH 3 ways for your inspiration.

Gender neutral decor ideas // Shelf hack using thick brown rope lashed onto a rustic wooden pole to create a clothes rail. Works great in a scandi, woodland, ethnic room design. Ideal storage solution and for hanging babies clothes in a nursery.

DECO: ladders - Macarena Gea

Ladders are good to have if you're trying to reach something up high, but they can also be put to other, more creative uses. We've rounded up 13 examples, from pot storage to plant stands, of ways you can put ladders to work all over the house.

Idag har jag varit i Piteå och föreläst på Noliamässan och i samband med det höll jag även några privata konsultationer för familjer som vunnit det i en tävling. I samband med detta fick jag flera frå

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